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Project Gemini - Colours & Light

Project Gemini - Colours & Light

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PRE ORDER - Release Date: 05/04/2024 

Genre: Psychedelic

It is a majestic album, bringing together the worlds of folk rock, psych

soundtracks and hazy cinematic funk.


A growing confidence and ease emanate from the writing and production of this

sophomore LP, bolstered by the reception to his standout debut. "It's a more

layered and diverse record" Paul mentions, "with a more outward-looking, global

sound, born out of the records I was listening to and the musicians I was lucky

enough to collaborate with". It feels relaxed yet self-assured, with a kaleidoscope

of sounds that twist together in a mesmerising fashion.


The theme of the album developed naturally through the lyrics Paul began writing.

A creative process both plagued and fed by insomnia, nourished by relationships,

entwined in emotions, nights out, nights in and the after- effects on the human

condition. Relatable themes yet seen through the prism of a soundscape that

takes in many a different culture and scene. From acid folk to psych- funk,

Francophile elements to Anatolian and Eastern inspirations, all interlocking and

rotating as one.


Drawing inspiration from those he admires, Colours & Light radiates with

collaborations. The title track, which tips its hat to a live 1973 TV version of

Pentangle's 'Wedding Dress', features the folk rock, guitar brilliance of Jack Sharp

from Wolf People/Large Plants.


Elsewhere, two tracks are blessed by the sultry, smoky French vocals of Gloria's

Wendy Martinez, 'Extra Nuit' and 'Entre chien et loup'. The former echoes Paul's

love of classic French psych- pop from the late '60s and early '70s and artists

such as Laurance Vanay, Calcium, Leonie, and Serge Gainsbourg. Martinez's

sublime vocal work nestles perfectly within Paul's psych-folk-funk productions, as

her Gloria partner, Alexis Morel (aka Kid Victrola) sprinkles a dose of entrancing

guitar line magic on proceedings.


The list of collaborations extends further with Raz and Markey Funk, drummer

Tony Coote and percussionist Paul Elliott all featuring. Regular collaborator and

underground icon Barrie Cadogan (Little Barrie) returns along with Bert Page from

The Cromagnon Band, who between them provide a hit of whacked-out, fuzzed-up

country guitar and Moog madness respectively on 'Lost In The Woods



Rounding off the record Paul's daughter, Olivia Osborne, supplies the keyboard

intro on the penultimate track 'Twilight'. Dorian Conway from The Soundcarriers

(whose bandmate Paul Isherwood returns on mixing duties) then layers echoing

heavy fute parts to magically capture the psychedelic sunrise images brought to



Balancing light and shade on this record, there is beauty and tension all wrapped

up in Paul's vivid and visceral, storytelling gift.


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