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Colin Fisher - Reflections of The Invisible World

Colin Fisher - Reflections of The Invisible World

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Album - New. Release date: 26/03/21. Black vinyl

Genre: Jazz / Ambient / Electronic / Experimental

even if you're well-acquainted with composer and multi-instrumentalist colin fisher's richly varied output, his gentle fifth solo album, refections of the invisible world may come as a surprise.

psychedelic lyricism has always been a fundamental aspect of his sonic signature, but his second collaboration with producer jeremy greenspan (junior boys, jessy lanza, morgan geist) finds the toronto native luxuriating in expansive atmospherics for its full duration. that's not to downplay the eclecticism he finds within this ethereal landscape. each track tills its own discrete sonic acreage, and while every one emanates from a clear focal point, the spontaneous impulse that drives fisher's more audibly improvisational music always remains close at hand. some pieces unfold rippling aquatic vistas or delight in prismatic guitar arpeggiation, elsewhere his plaintive, blues- infected tenor saxophone wafts like some strange jazz apparition, or becomes a chorus of cosmic murmurs. the presence of electronics is undeniable, but equally irrefutable is the organic instrumental sources of these disparate hues. in fact he's discovered a rare balance: no matter how effects-saturated, every gesture on the record feels palpably sculpted by fisher's hands and breath. as such, refections of the invisible world carries a sense of intimacy at the heart of its diffuse, dream-like sonics. fisher has a been a major presence in canada's music community for more than twenty years—particularly in more experimental and improvisational circles. nothing short of a guitar virtuoso, he also wields saxophone, drums, and various other instruments with similarly refined musicality, vivid textural imagination, and sometimes feral abandon. his one-man-band tape garden of unknowning for manchester's tombed visions, showcase all of this as he spars with different iterations of himself. the quietus' cassette critic tristan bath extolled it as "miraculous," adding that "it’s a visceral experience soaking up this record, and it’s all down to fisher’s utterly innate sense of musicality." he subsequently cited it in his 2018 contributor's year-end chart for the wire. in 2014 his partnership with nick millevoi's trio many arms on suspended defnition (tzadik) prompted spin's brad cohan to remark "many arms have dug even deeper into math-metal wizardry, bolstering their already imposing lineup with gale-force blowing guest saxophonist colin fisher, thus blasting their outré sonic blitz into a fire-breathing free jazz otherworld." fisher later engaged the band's bassist, johnny deblase, to team up with him and kid millions (oneida, man forever) as monas. as an ongoing collaborator to introspective dance music auteur caribou, fisher frst appeared in offshoot project caribou vibration ensemble, and subsequently on acclaimed albums swim and suddenly. he's also made two duo albums with celebrated nova scotian jaw harp innovator chik white for dylan and lisa nyoukis' chocolate monk label. in addition to performing alongside the likes of jaime branch, joe mcphee, william parker, laraaji, gerry hemmingway, and fred frith, he has contributed to recordings by the constantines (sub pop), bernice (arts & crafts), rhys chatham (table of the elements), born ruffans (warp), anthony braxton and aimtoronto orchestra (spool), and many more.


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