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The Forgetting Room – Ghost Codes

The Forgetting Room – Ghost Codes

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Album - new. Release Date: 01/09/21. Black vinyl

Genre: Rock

Mandy Gibson, huge Jeff Noon fan, came out of the leftfield with her offer of being our narrator, thanks Mandy from us all.
Kane Hellewell, lead guitar, long time Forgetting Room collaborator. After starting to play the guitar at 13 Kane’s musical tastes developed from Joe Satriani to George Benson and was a founding member in tech-death-metal band The Torture Of Comacine.

Leigh Stothard, drums, what can you say? The performances speak for themselves, long time Forgetting Room performer and immense talent. Thanks Leigh, Jonathan’s anchor at times and a huge help behind the scenes in the latter part of this albums creation.

Hugh Bradley, guest bass player doesn’t really convey how much we appreciate his huge input and beautiful playing, thank you from us all.
Jonathan Taylor, the core of the project, writer, multi instrumentalist and engineer-producer of the original pre mix performances…. You are missed.

Tom Third, who came to the project as a guest, bringing edgy synth work and keyboard input. A huge talent in his own right see his discography and film score lists on his site from the website links page.

Becky Taylor, one of a very small number of people in the UK who can even play the instruments she brought to the project. She is one of the most respected Uilleann pipers of her generation, accomplished Northumbrian Smallpiper and Multi-Instrumentalist.

This album is about connections. Everyone who touched this album in its creation knows that. Latterly, I watched Jonathan reach the “tweaking” stage, the point where a musician will make changes to a piece of work, not always for the better but changes all the same. Like an artist who can’t stop applying paint.
If I have a lasting memory of Jonathan, the friend, it’s of the phone calls to say, “what do you think of the track I’ve sent you?” my constant answer “great but give me 8 minutes of it….” and he usually would.
To everyone listening, enjoy The Ghost Codes…
John Sessions, Exec. Producer 2020

Jonathan Taylor somehow pulled and connected people from all over the planet for this project.

He made contact with Jeff Noon (author of Vurt), Tom Third (Canadian film score composer), Mandy Gibson (Australian narrator), Becky Taylor (Uilleann (Irish) and Northumbrian Small Pipes, Fiddle and Tin Whistle) Leigh Stothard (session drummer) Kane Helliwell (session guitarist), Hugh Bradley (session bass player) along with these musicians Jonathan arranged and played guitar and keyboards on all the tracks.

We recorded at Blacksail in Oakenshaw with engineering by Adam Medlock, Factory Street Studios in Bradford with engineering by Alex Eden, Chair Works in Castleford with Steve Whitfield engineering and remixing as well as Johnny working from his home studio.

This was all possible through our executive producer John Sessions who facilitated and provided support for the project. What we have is this incredibly original album “Ghost Codes” by The Forgetting Room. It is a thrill to have this vinyl version for the true music connoisseur. There is such depth, complexities and nuances that can be discerned through that we are sure will be ……

In memory of
Jonathan Taylor.


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